3 Benefits of Mail-In Knife Sharpening Services

29 March 2022
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Knives wear down over time. You may notice that the knives you sharpen may not work as well as they used to. With professional knife services, you can ensure your knives work great without the need to purchase expensive new blades. The more you extend the life of your knives, the more use you can get out of them for meal preparation.

One way to professionally sharpen knives is through a mail-in service. Check out some of the benefits of a mail-in service and how to transform your knives.

1. Pre-Paid Envelopes

Instead of bringing a collection of knives to a post office or shipping store, you have the option to use pre-paid envelopes through a mail-in service. The envelopes delivered by a company are often designed exclusively for knife shipments. Thicker edges on the envelope will protect the knives and not allow the sides to get pierced.

Once you fill and seal the envelope, you can put the package in your mailbox. You will save time and ensure your knives are delivered safely.

2. Professional Sharpening Tools

Many retail stores offer knife sharpeners for sale, but certain knives have specific needs and are made with specific materials. When a knife sharpening service receives your knives, they will sharpen them properly and use professional tools to complete the task.

Professional tools may include larger machines and materials geared towards steel or copper. The end goal is to return the knives to you much sharper than when you got them. The industrial tools are not the same ones bought at a store, and are especially helpful if you own a valuable knife set.

3. Shipping Insurance & Tracking

When you send out your favorite knives to get sharpened, you want to be sure your knives are protected and go to the right place. When you use mail-in services, the shipment typically comes with insurance and tracking. Insurance will cover any damage or replacement if the knives are lost.

Insurance may cover up to a specific amount, or include the exact value of your knives. If you know the purchase value of your knives, then you can help determine the worth of the shipment insurance.

Tracking allows you to see exactly when your package arrives at the facility and when the package is on its way back to you. The extra additions will allow you to follow the progress the whole way.

When you try out a sharpening service (for instance, Knife Flight), you will find these benefits and then can try out the knives to see how sharp they get.