Want To Set Up A Farmers Market For Your Home Grown Organic Produce? What All You Should Offer

30 September 2016
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If you're considering opening up a small farmers market where you sell different items that you grow in your own garden, and expanding your business, there are a couple of other things you may want to offer. People will be more willing to stop by the location where you are selling if they can get more than just vegetables.

Since they are interested in buying organic vegetables, they are probably interested in other organic or homemade products, or getting other groceries at the same time. Consider offering the following things along with your vegetables and fruit, to attract more people.

Organic Eggs

Is there a local farmer or a person with chickens that is always selling fresh eggs? Ask them if they want to put up an egg stand on the day that you sell your vegetables, or if they would like you to sell the eggs for them. You can charge them a small fee to put up their booth or to sell the eggs there, or you can just let them do it without charge since it could attract more potential customers.


Find bread suppliers for local restaurants and grocery stores and get some bread options. Getting fresh baked bread that's delivered to your market gives another place for people to stop, and they can stop at your market to get the essentials on the way home. Bread is something that people frequently have to stop for, and they'll be glad they don't have to go to a large grocery store. For more information, contact companies like Klosterman Baking Company.

Jams and Honey

Find some people in the area that make and sell their own jam and honey. This could become a huge attraction at your small market and it can help you sell more bread and vegetables. People love local honey because of unique tastes they can get, depending on what type of flowers are in bloom.

If you are trying to expand your organic farming interests into a business, and you want to create a farmers market one day of the week, or multiple times throughout the week, when people know they can stop by and get fresh produce from that season. When you add more than just produce to your market, and you add things like jam and honey or bread, you can offer people more things they need, they will be more likely to stop by and fill up a bag of goods from the market.