Creative Ways to Present Caramel Candy Gifts

30 March 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


When it comes to gifts, it's not always just what's inside that counts. The packaging, container, basket, wrapping paper or other element that you present the treat in is what the recipient sees first and can make a big impression. If a friend or a loved one has a sweet tooth, give him or her the gift of gourmet caramel candies packaged in a thoughtful way for any occasion.

You don't have to spend a lot on the sweet gift, and the creative packaging doesn't have to take much time or effort to put together, either. Even if you aren't crafty, you can present the caramels in a unique way. As an eco-friendly touch, package the sweet treats in a container that the recipient can use after the goodies are gone.

Here are some ways that you can creatively present caramels as a birthday, holiday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion gift:

1. Gift Basket

One popular way of packaging candies and other edible treats is in gift baskets. To personalize a woven basket, you can line it with colorful tissue paper before filling it with the candies. Include a mix of different types of caramels, such as plain, chocolate and sea salt flavors, in individual bags so that the recipient can sample a little of each.

You can round out the charming, reusable basket with other related treats, such as homemade caramel fudge brownies, caramel corn and caramel-covered apples, as well. If the celebrant like to spend a lot of time outdoors, consider presenting the gifts in a picnic basket, which will also make a romantic anniversary, Valentine's Day, or wedding gift. 

2. Coffee Mug

If the gift recipient is also a coffee enthusiast, present the treats in a mug. To customize the gift, have the mug printed with a name, a quote, or a special design, such as dogs, cats, or birds for animal lovers. 

Fill the mug with an individual serving of a gourmet, caramel-flavored coffee, as well as a handful of caramels from gourmet shops like Abdallah Candies And Gifts to enjoy with the hot beverage. 

3. Hand-Decorated Jar 

For a whimsical, charming country-inspired flair, place the gourmet caramels in a glass canning jar, which the celebrant can also repurpose after the candies are gone.

You can use acrylic craft paint to decorate the jar with personalized designs, such as hearts for Valentine's Day or holly berries for Christmas. As another idea, use a hot glue gun to attach gems, beads, and other small decor items to the jar. 

Tie a matching ribbon into a bow around the lid before presenting the gift.