Argentinian Malbec Would Be A Good Wine Pairing For Your Pasta Dinner

28 March 2018
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If you're looking for an appropriate wine to pair with a pasta dinner, then you may want to choose an Argentinian Malbec. It's an excellent complement to tomato sauce, hard cheese, and pasta. Argentina is noted for its vast wine production, and Argentinian Malbec differs from that grown in France where the grape originated. Here's a look at this popular type of wine.

Argentina Is The World's Largest Producer Of Malbec

Most of the world's Malbec comes from Argentina, although it is also grown in other countries, including France, where the grapes nearly succumbed to disease before being taken to Argentina over a century ago. Since that time, vineyards have spread throughout Argentina and the grapes are grown in lush valleys as well as the foothills of the Andes. Each locale gives the regional wine its own unique flavor.

Malbec Is an Ideal Blending Wine

Malbec is a purple grape with a rich, dark color that's used to make red wine. It has a thin skin which makes it susceptible to frost damage. Entire vineyards can be lost due to heavy frost. The grapes require more sun exposure than some other grapes, and this allows them to develop their unique flavor. Malbec can be intense when bottled alone, and it is also an excellent choice when creating blends for Bordeaux-like or Meritage wines. Bordeaux wine is a blend made from grapes grown in France including French Malbec, while Meritage wine is made from blends of wine grown elsewhere such as Argentina.

The Vineyard Region Affects the Taste

Argentinian Malbec has evolved into distinct regional qualities and tastes due to climate differences and the differences in local soil composition. The Malbec that consistently receives high ratings in wine-tasting events comes from the highest elevations. Vineyards in the Andes foothills produce these high-quality wines after developing techniques for growing the grapes in high altitudes. The result is a pleasing wine that is spicy and light. Grapes grown in the Patagonia region mature at a much lower elevation and in mineral-rich soil. This gives them a deep color and acidic taste. The northern region receives a lot of sun so the grapes develop to their full potential, and the wine has a mixture of spicy and fruity flavors. While each region gives Malbec grapes a unique flavor, the distinctive taste of Malbec comes through no matter where it is grown. Malbec is known for its fruity, often intense flavor as well as its deep red color.

You don't have to be a wine expert to enjoy Argentinian Malbec with your pasta dinner. Wine from any of the regions of the country would be an excellent choice, and you'll find a large selection to choose from in your local wine store.